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She Dares is a group of curious women exploring the science, myths, taboos and possibilities surrounding a modern women and why she should invest and prioritize in her personal stack of gold.

Bloggers, social media geeks, brand gurus, sexologist and more because she dares…

Nathalie Hennequin  / Founder. Ever since I can remember I have been observing and drawing people. Eventually this curiosity translated into a career in branding and design, which I refer to as visual psychology: how do you express in a visual concept what is said in a ‘thousands’ words?

Six years ago I set up for fun Mum Knows Mum, an informal lecture group aimed at addressing subjects like: self esteem, motivation, depression, you name it – we did it. At the end of all of these lectures I noticed a common theme: women are curious to know a lot more about their inner world, but often don’t dare to explore it. This gave birth to She Dares, a pulling together of some of the hottest brains and knowledge available in the network, because I truly feel women should own it!

If you are curious to check me out professionally… Naturally, this is always work in process!

Lana Kristine Jelenjev / Co- Founder. As a child I loved writing poetry and have different diaries and notebooks where I scribble my thoughts. I find it alarming if I cannot find a pen and paper next to me, for those “just in case I have a brilliant idea” moments. What turned out to be my fascination with the written words got me into teaching, training and speaking.

A pivotal point in my life was when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. At age 37, I took a much needed break to reconnect with myself. What came out after almost 2 years of treatments as my biggest realization was “it is my responsibility to be SELF-FULL”. The idea of “self-fullness” is inspired by my trainings in nonviolent communication or compassionate communication. When I am selfish, I have no room to meet the needs of others, when I am selfless, I fail to meet mine. But when I am self-full that’s when magic happens.

Our other team members!


Oana Popoiu (Social media) There is only one thing you need to know about me: I like to communicate. Phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp… but face to face is still my favorite way of interacting as it gives the fastest and most honest feedback you could ever get.

With more than 15 years of journalistic and PR experience I can hardly name something I would not dare to write about. My biggest fear is to get low battery on my phone right in middle of an event which I need to cover. My biggest challenge is not to mix up the Social Media accounts that I manage by posting breast cancer related topics in Formula 1 profiles.


Michele Ernsting (Moderator) is the head of the Love Matters program at RNW media. Love Matters engages millions of young people online about their sexual health, rights and pleasure in countries where this information is taboo or censored.