Erotic vision – An interview with fashion & fetish photographer Katrin Viil

You are an erotic art photographer living in Amsterdam. How did it all start for you?

Yes erotica inspires me a lot and I use photography as my medium! I have always been a creative person and tried different fields (interior design, copywriting, fashion) but none of them gave me the bigger perspective I wanted. I started taking self portraits for my social media and dating site accounts, people liked my photos and I became more interested in developing my skills.

I took photos of friends, models, clients, went to photography classes and then attended a photo school in Estonia (where I am originally from). In school we had an opportunity to do an internship abroad, that brought me to the Netherlands and I decided to stay in Amsterdam after that. I love this city and it’s also the perfect backdrop for my art! Photography is also in my family roots, my grandfather was a photographer, but sadly we never met.

You are shooting erotic/fashion/fetish, couples and portraits. Tell us more about your niche.

After taking self portraits I got interested in male nudes, so for a while I was doing only that – until I widened my interest in people in general. I love to shoot portraits of all kinds of people. I love the challenge of bringing out the best in everyone. This is what drives and inspires me and makes me feel I can make the world a better place in that way.

But what also drives me is inspiration I get from beauty. That is why I love working in the field of erotic/fashion/fetish, combining these three worlds into one. I don’t like to shoot full nudes that much any more. My favourite combination is a beautiful model, covered with some clothes, but still naked underneath. I like to play with borders in that sense, give a hint of erotica and intrigue with some fetish nuances.

Can you tell us a bit more about the process of how your images are born?

Ideas and inspiration can come from everything in life. Beauty and its variations have always given me ideas and I have visions from that. But in general I love minimalism, abstractionism, randomness and when things go wrong in a good way! I like to keep my images clean, sometimes even sterile. I respect the idea that artist needs to think through the process of creating something. But at the same time I believe creativity must never lose a bit of randomness and chaos.

What do you think about photography in the era when ‘everyone is a photographer’ ?

I take it as a challenge! Time changes us and the world so there’s no point in complaining that photography is a dying art form. It’s a challenge to find your way.  I love to observe the scene, to see how some people make it, and some not. I have my philosophy about taking a photo:  it doesn’t really matter how you take the image, until it’s good! A good image for me is a combination of the technical plus creative side. One can’t exist without the other. But to make a career out of it takes years of work, a good eye, creativity and a lot of luck!

Are there any particular photographers who have inspired you?

An Amsterdam artist I like very much is Erwin Olaf – he’s a legend in the fetish scene. I’m also really inspired by Daniel Sannwald, a German photographer who now lives in London. I love his funky colour use and editing style.

Who is your client?

Taking photos is not my full time job at the moment. I work as a photographer’s community manager and take photos on weekends and evening. I shoot private clients who want portraits or erotic/fetish photos of themselves. I find my clients mostly online. Erotic/fashion/fetish photography I call more of a hobby. I’m passionate about it and that’s what drives me.

If you are inspired by erotic/fetish photography then Katrin would love to hear from you! She would be happy to find new friends into same scene: clients, photographers, models, fans, bloggers, business owners or just people exploring the (fetish) scene in Amsterdam.

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