LETS TALK ABOUT SEX / A workshop that will inspired and empower you!

We are all made from it, made for it, and most of us do it and love it! Sex! But, we rarely talk about it, even with our intimates. Yet, it is through mindful and playful communication that you can express desires and boundaries, thus have the most fulfilling sex life you can have.

Through informing, inspiring, and empowering conversation and exercises, we explore a wide variety of topics around intimacy and sexuality in a playful and light-hearted manner.

This workshop will support you to:

* Investigate theme’s you didn’t know existed, have strong judgment over, are curious or fantasizes about.
* Break free from taboo/fear/shame/guilt and develop a more relaxed and openminded attitude towards (your) sexuality.
* View yourself as a woman and erotic being, besides your roles as a mother, wife, businesswoman, etc.
* Start owning your sexual power and let your sexuality come to its fullest expression.
* DARE to go out into the world and explore, play, and enjoy!
* Have loads of fun and finally claim your personal stack of gold!

Alone or with a partner… it’s yours to own!

Your Facilitator:
Mandy Selina Ronda, BSc., MSc.
psychosocial therapist, social & cultural anthropologist, sexologist, NLP Practitioner / www.mandyronda.com

Drs. Mandy is a coach, trainer and speaker on sexual empowerment, sexuality, body image and body awareness, communication, seduction, desire, erotic play, and mindful sex. Her mission is to reduce sexual shame and taboos and sexually empower women globally.

Tickets: 25 euro 

Please pay NL25 ABNA 0449414787 / Limited space pls confirm via email: tellmemore@shedares.net

Wednesday 16th November / 7.00pm – 9.30 /
Plan to stay for a drinks at the end, you’ll need it in a good way!
Important: We have limited seats, so please book early if you want to guarantee a spot.

Herengracht 173
1016BE, Amsterdam
t: 0630025536