RELATIONSHIPS: Can you see into the future?

Due to much interest in the last presentation (May 1st) we are adapting and repeating this event in a slightly different format.

We all know couples who seem to balance each other brilliantly and others who appear to live in continuous tension. But what are the underlying differences in these two kinds of happy/unhappy couples? And if you are currently looking for new partner, can you learn from past relationships in order to find future happiness?

Luckily for us, there is a mass of new research which gets to the heart of these differences, shedding light on the road ahead, enabling us to reassess our behaviour, in order to improve the intimacy and passion (sex) in our relationships, getting home sweet home, where the grass is simply greener!

Relationship specialist Julie Sharon-Wagschal will reveal the key elements behind the Gottman principle and why she has found in all her years, this to be one of the most viable techniques available to couples.

To quote Esther Parel “we now expect from our partners, what was once provided by an entire village”. Its time to connect to the village again and rediscover old and new wisdoms.

In the first of a series of ‘Dinner and a quickie’ we will offer you a mix of socialising and learning. With maximum 20 at a large dinning table, we will eat together, have a glass together and hear from one of our great relationship therapists, how to keep your love and life on the right track!

Planning from the evening:

7.30pm  Presentation by Relationship therapist

9.30pm – onwards, wine and chocolate!

Friday 1st July 2016 / 7.30pm 


Herengracht 173, 1016 BE, Amsterdam

Tel: 06 30025536 for more information

Tickets / 22 euro

Pay: N Hennequin / NL 72 ABNA 0484 6234 86