Making the She Dares ID come to life!


We can all be many different things depending on our context: if and who we are trying to seduce, please, influence or motivate. We never ‘dress’ the same in these circumstances but instead, connect to our gut emotion to know which attitude and expression is the best for the task at hand.

She Dares, is a reflection of the world she lives in. She is an observer and a participator. She loves beautiful things around her. She is a dreamer and an adventurer… She is a woman who wishes to push her self out of her comfort zone with out loosing herself in the process.

Below is a visual diary of the steps we took in the process of creating this group. If you want to know more, want to ask about your personal or public business ID, we are based in Amsterdam, always looking for a good reason to put the kettle on, and happy to share the story in more detail.


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