Recycle your friends Valentines brunch!

We all have female/male friends we love. They are our emotional safety net, people we turn to when our (grow-up) mummy is too busy with her own love-life to comfort and advise.

These are our platonic-love friendships. We kinda do fancy them, but have decided for some obscure or very real reason, that they are not partner material. Still, we don’t want to let them go, hand them over to a free single friend as that would reduce the possibility of platonic, ego-boosting, safe flirting which is essential for a (fe)male ego. Or secretively, we are keeping them aside for a wet and raining day!

Well, our  “recycle your friend brunches” are designed to let you come clear: dare you share those rough diamonds you have been keeping to yourself? Because just occasionally, no frog or sleeping beauty should be left unkissed, even if it is simply a flirtatious smack on the lips to get the blood pumping to (y)our heart.



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