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Katinka Soemers
Sexual Therapist

A truth about sexual counseling is that most of the sexual problems can be solved. That doesn’t have to be too hard. The hardest step is often the first one: to ask for help.

A misconception…: about sexual problems is that yours are exclusive. Realise that your not on your own.

Amsterdam based practice:

Julie Sharon Wagscal
Relationship Therapist

A truth about relationship counseling: If you put in a genuine effort, you will be able to communicate in ways that will re-ignite a spark in your relationship leaving you more connected and satisfied as a couple. Couples counseling is a way for you to see and understand your partner in new ways, allowing you to regain interest in the other, which in turn increases your partner’s understanding and appreciation of you.

A misconception… You can only seek couples counseling if the problems are so severe that you are contemplating divorce. Wrong. Unfortunately, most couples wait too long until they seek counseling, on average six years after problems have started. At this point, it is harder to work on the relationship, because so much resentment has built up and you need to unlearn years of ineffective communication patterns. If you’re feeling disconnected, unhappy and unsatisfied in your relationship, the sooner you start therapy, the easier it will be to rekindle your relationship.

I am a psychologist specializing in couples counseling using the Gottman Relationship Therapy Method. The Gottman method is based on over four decades of scientific research focusing on what makes relationships work and what makes them miserable. I see the counseling process as an interactive, collaborative process. I am here to support the process of making sense of it all, handing couples tools which support them to transform their communication patterns and re-foster connection.

Amsterdam based practice

Matthea Osinga
Health Coach

A truth about health coaching: A health coach believes in the healing power of nutrition. And while everybody can benefit from building a universal foundation of wellness (drink water, get adequate rest, reduce stress, movement, eat well, spend time with loved ones, pursue your purpose and hobbies), everyone comes to this foundation on his or her own time; learning to listen to their bodies and to trust what works for them and to find what feels good, taking it one step at a time.

A health coach shows their clients how to become their own advocate for their health and healing through food and lifestyle coaching and understanding how our choices impact our well being.

A misconception about health coaching: You don’t have to be a health freak to be healthy! I mean, you can eat all the kale in the world, but if you’re stressed out or hungry, you still feel like crap. There has to room for fun, enjoyment and indulgence. I believe that is the only way we can make it last. So have a glass of wine, eat cake, just don’t overdo it 🙂


Kate Berger, MSc
Child & Adolescent Psychologist

A truth about child psychology: being present and listening with open ears is the best therapy for any child as it sends him or her the strong message of “You are worthy.”

A misconception… Many parents think “Something is wrong with my child if I go to a child psychologist” and one of the first points I make in an initial meeting is to share my perspective that nothing is wrong with any child. To me, being a child psychologist means that the more we pay attention on purpose to a child, the greater we are able to support his/her strengths, overcome any areas of difficulty and encourage him/her to develop unique capacities to positively impact the world.

Amsterdam/Amstelveen based practice:


Nathalie Hennequin
Founder of She Dares

Recommend your favourite specialist: We are looking for specialist who come recommended by someone in our circle, someone you feel works from their heart, gives that bit extra and makes sure their interaction with you really helps you move forward. So… tellmemore@shedares.net

Marja Beers
Relationship therapist

A truth about relationship counselling: To improve contact and communication, talking really helps to understand each others feelings and create perspective together. To remain fighting or silent is a lonely dead end road even when its done with good intentions.

A misconception…: talking about your own pain or frustration will hurt the other and the relationship.

Amsterdam based practice:

Amber Ramih
Business and Wellness Coach

One truth about wellness coaching:  Building your sense of wellbeing is the best gift you can give yourself, and the ones you love. Wellness coaching is about developing your resilience and agility so that you can maintain or grow your wellbeing, no matter what life throws at you

A misconception…: You need to be sick or want to exercise more to work with a wellness coach.

Your health: mental, physical, and emotional, fluctuates throughout your life and this can lead to imbalance. It can throw your off track when it dips and can place you in inactive relief when you feel better again. Wellness coaching is about increasing agility and resilience so that you can build a wave of wellness that allows you to glide over the bumps in your health.

Amsterdam based practice: www.amberrahimcoaching.com
Learn a little bit about me from this video: https://vimeo.com/160401945

You asked, our specialists answered.

 She Dares reader: What would you recommend to a woman who hasn’t has an orgasm in over 15 years, but used to have them frequently before?’

A  Sexual therapist: Often stressful events or situations in the past  cause hypertension in the pelvic floor. Because of the high tension woman are unable to let go of control. You can’t have an orgasm while being in control. When we find out what causes the tension I can help the woman for example with EMDR or tension relieve exercises. Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this problem. Every woman is exclusive and so is every orgasm, nevertheless I do believe we can find a solution to almost all sexual problems, especially since you were previously able to orgasm. Daring to take that first step is often the hard decision, but remember you are not alone in this experience, we are here to help.

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