14th Fed / 2017 / 7.30 – 10.30

V. Day is a moment when you VALIDATE your self! Yes, its tough to keep the self love high, to VALUE what we have as opposed to diminish our accomplishments!

Don’t give in to the devil called ‘self-doubt’, the mind is a foolish thing that needs regular acknowledgement, T.C.L and a serious re-boot!

Join us for an intense session where we will get you to fall back in love with your-selve, yes it will be rather personal, yes you will laugh and cry equally hard, but when you leave… you will not be or feel alone, you will feel that high called L. O. V. E.!

Ok gorgeous women, I need you to come to event with 2 things!

1) Dress as though you were going on a hot date! (You can change here, I know its cold!)

2) Bring your tissue box… I’m planning on getting you EMOTIONAL!

Herengracht 173, 1016 be / tel: 0630025536 ( if you get lost) 

See you soon! Nathalie